Racer Lynn


the history


Way back when Lynn Mitchell was Lynn Frederick, and she was just a little girl watching her dad race at all the local circle tracks, she decided that some day, she'd race too. Later on, as a married mom-of-two, Lynn began pit-crewing for her dad. In 2003, she decided to make the jump from pit crew to driver.

Lynn climbed behind the wheel of a racecar for the first time in the 2003 racing season. She drove in the "compact" class at Shadybowl Speedway.

This picture, taken in 2003, shows Lynn's friend Taja on the left (#27 Toyota), Lynn's dad's late model in the center, and Lynn's first compact (#72 Dodge Daytona) on the right.


The 2003 and 2004 seasons saw Lynn chasing a fuel delivery problem that ended up costing her three motors. Although it might sound discouraging to most, she kept at it. Even through the struggles, she managed to conduct a fund-raising campaign for the benefit of the Victory Junction Gang Camp.

victory junction
Lynn raised over $300 to donate to the camp in 2003


At the end of the 2004 season, Lynn had honed her driving abilities, but decided it was definitely time to "up the ante". She set to work building a 1989 Honda Accord for the start of the 2005 racing season.

Lynn's Honda


The hard work was well worth the effort, as she hit the ground running in 2005. The season opening race was a spectacular highlight for Lynn - not only was her car performing flawlessly, but she was able to earn a feature win, making her the first female in the history of Shadybowl Speedway to win a non-powder-puff feature race. With the experience and success she gained, she moved up to a different class for 2006.

Lynn's first outing in her late model


There was quite a learning curve going from a 110 horsepower, front-wheel-drive car to a bigger, more powerful, rear-wheel-drive car. Lynn held her own. However, life had some changes in store. In June of 2006, Lynn went back to college. Racing took a back seat while Lynn focused on obtaining her degree and fostering a new business she'd started - Whiteline Design. Although she occassionally drove her late model a few more times in 2006 and 2007, by 2008 Lynn had graduated and was spending every spare moment running Whiteline Design. Even though she wasn't driving, she stayed quite active in the local racing scene by lettering dozens of local racecars, and helping local tracks and racers with their marketing, advertising, and signage needs.

In 2013, she developed a friendship with Paul Hazlett, owner of Hazlett Farms. Paul put Lynn in one of his dwarf cars (a classic modified, a.k.a. "dwarf car") for the 2013 season, and it was love at first drive for Lynn. To this day, Lynn and Paul are not only team mates, but great friends. Hazlett Farms grows corn, and a lot of it! Therefore, Paul named his team (which consists of Paul, Lynn and Aaron Chatfield) Lil Nugget Motorsports. Each car has a creative "corn" name. Paul drives the Lil Nugget, Lynn drives Niblet, and Aaron drives The Kernel.

Lynn's first outing in the Hazlett Farms #45 dwarf car