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Lynn races at Shadybowl Speedway in DeGraff, Ohio. It's the worlds fastest 3/10th of a mile asphalt speedway. It is lightly banked, making it a very fun track to race at. The track has a long history and has been open since the 1930's. Lynn has the honor of being the first and only female to ever win a non-powder puff feature race at the famed oval. The track has had several owners over the years, with the current owners being the Young and Mahaffey families. They have made several signifcant improvements to the track. The track has played host to many big name drivers, including Dale Earnhardt, Jr., as well as many local racing legends including Lynn's own father (Jim Frederick), Robbie Dean, Jim Cushman, and more. Racing takes place on Saturday nights, with gates opening at 3 p.m.

photo history


These photos show some of the history of Shadybowl Speedway through the years.

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1940's 1950's 1960's
postwarera 40s dad
Shadybowl racing action in the 1940's. Pic courtesy of H.A.M.B user RAMBLUR
The number 2 coupe at Shadybowl in the 1950's. Photo courtesy Dick Eder
Jim Frederick with a 1967 feature win. Photo courtesy Jim Frederick
1960's 1970's 1990's
ruth toht 70's sutton
Lynn's Aunt Ruth makes history as the winningest Powder Puff driver of the 60's. Photo courtesy Steve Struhle
Jim Frederick with a feature win in 1978. Photo courtesy Jim Frederick
Sue Sutton makes history by becoming the first female to compete in the late model division
2000's 2000's 2010's
2001 lynnwin 78
Fans, drivers, and crew members line the track in support of the victims of 9/11.
Lynn Mitchell makes history by becoming the first female to win a feature race. Photo courtesy Peg Isaacs
Jim Frederick carrying the checkered. Photo courtesy Todd Ridgeway