the sponsors

Would you like to sponsor Lynn or the Lil Nugget Motorsports team? Please contact Lynn here.

The following people and businesses don't just help make the team, they are the team. Of course we want you to visit these businesses because they're a part of the team, but really - they're just the best at what they do which is reason enough for you to be their customer.

First up we have the one, the only, the incomparable Hazlett Farms. Literally, the race team that Lynn belongs to wouldn't exist without Hazlett Farms. Growing the finest corn in all of Ohio.



Lynn's always been a fan of hotrods and racing, so it was only natural that she will sport the Sinister Hot Rods logo in 2015. Jerry Walker, owner of Sinister Hot Rods, builds some of the meanest and leanest hotrods in the world. Keep up to date on Jerry's latest builds at


primo jerry-lynn
Shown above is the Primo Special. To see more's builds, visit their website or Facebook page.
Jerry Walker & Lynn at the Jerry's famous "Blacktop Bash"

If you've been to Bourbon Street, Lake Havasu or any other party spot where the clothing is minimal, you've seen Rockabella products!, the #1 seller of pasties on eBay!



Of course the money to maintain a racecar has to come from somewhere, and here's where a lot of it comes from -- WLD is also the producer and supplier of all of the racecar lettering, team clothing, website hosting/design and merchandising.




Last but most certainly not least, is Jim Frederick.The biggest support for the team comes from Lynn's own dad, Jim. His input, dedication, love and support is what makes this all possible.