...drum roll, please.


the team


Lynn's proud to say she has some great members on her team.

Paul Tim
Car Owner/Team Mate- Paul Hazlett (Lil Nugget Motorsports) Crew Chief - Tim Mitchell
Jim Aaron
The Daddy Man - Jim Frederick (Lynn's dad, mentor, supporter & inspiration) Team Mate - Aaron Chatfield (Lil Nugget Motorsports)
John Sherry
John Fields - Pit Crew Sherry Fields - Pit Crew
Harley Holly
Miss Harley - Jr. Pit Crew Holly - Shadybowl Trophy Girl & Lynn's daughter
Jamie Sages
Jamie Hunt & Smith/Hunt Motorsports - setup advice, friendship & pit neighbor Josh, Ashlee & Momma Sage - all around general awesomeness
Dennis and Missy Kendra
Dennis & Missy Matherne - Friends / Cheerleaders! Miss Kendra - #1 Fan
The LBKG crew (Kenny, Jay, Josh, Zach, Dave, Nick, Meat, & Andy) - moral support, technical support, friendship & general mischief :)